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SEO services are a great way to help increase the size of your client retainer. The best part? The more you can show clients the success of their campaigns, the more SEO they'll want to create with you.


A good SEO strategy engages your audience, converts more leads, and closes more sales. With Page1 Clients, you'll be able to give clients a SEO-strategy, fully optimized campaign for all search engines, not only Google, that can integrate into their larger campaigns.


Show your clients the success of their SEO campaign with our detailed analytics report. Easily prove your client's investment in SEO, and use data to develop their future strategy.

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Our SEO project management system supports partners to manage their own clients. Apply for your partner account and wait for approval.

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Create your first SEO campaign. Add keywords. We match your project with a team of specialists in On-Page Optimization, Off-Page, Outreach, Content marketing, and Social media.

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Your team completes tasks, working right in your Page1 Clients account for max transparency and clear communication. We review engagement, clicks and optimize your clients SEO campaign.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Mats SEO Company Linkbuilding Testimonial

Petri has done an excellent job for us in this project during two years and I can honestly recommend him to anyone looking for link building

Vic SEO Services Testimonial

- Of the 19 keywords we worked together with the Page1 Clients managed to get up 14 on the first page, including 9 of the top third During the four months we have worked with Page1 Clients have our organic traffic increased by 400%. Highly recommended!

Ygal SEO Campaign Testimonial

Top top quality work. Really happy with results. A+ An asset to community

YGAL EDY ImagisMedia


1. Do I need to be a Page1 customer?

No, the Agency is available to anyone on a free plan! Only Pro plans (approved) are designed for agencies by allowing them to add their own partners using Partner Sub-Accounts. No, it's not MLM.

2. Will I get a commission for adding new clients to my account?

Yes. The Page1 Clients is not an Affiliate program, but a partner program, and does offer a commission. The more clients you add, the more you'll get paid.

3. How much work will I have to do?

You level of involvement is up to you! All we ask if that you're actively using Page1 Clients with your clients.

4. My client has their own account. Does it still count toward my portfolio??

Yes and no. If you're working with a client in a separate Page1 Clients account, they must agree to be added to your portfolio to be counted. You can learn all about adding clients to your own account here.

5. When do I have to pay?

Partners can make Paypal Payments through the project management system. Payments can also be made through bank transfer. To build a bridge of trust it's possible to pay at the start of the project or to postpone online payment with 14 days. The payments are recurring every 30 days, from start date.

6. How is my monthly portfolio calculated?

Your portfolio value is the total clients you manage in Page1 Clients. If your monthly invoice to your clients equals "20k", you keep the % amount that is predetermined by our Partner agreement.