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Search engine optimization as your core marketing strategy

What's your marketing strategy?

We find ourselves in the new digital era, and a large portion of our time is spent online via computers or via our mobiles.


Businesses are facing the same challenges

Getting more customers

Traditional marketing channels become less effective and are replaced by new online-based channels. We spend a lot of time online these days. We are constantly looking for information, socializing with our friends on social media, listens to music, buying trips and handle our vacations, shopping for clothes, ordering books and so on... Obviously a large part of your marketing budget should be invested online where your customers are. But even in this new era of communication, most businesses face the same challenges and problems as they have always done.

To sell more products

Today, very many of us are visible online with individual websites, but still very few of us are "active" online and not truly visible to the potential customer. In order for us not to fall behind in the competition, we need to increase visibility and online presence. The old concept of "if you are not visible, you are not existing" is today more relevant than ever.

What's your strategy?

How to deal with these "traditional" challenges in a new digital era? There are as we know many roads to Rome, but the basics are still the same; As always, you have to make sure you are visible to your customers and know where the potential customers are located.

Our SEO Process

Our target is always to get the client's website to rank on the first page of Google, or rank for the most relevant keywords. Keywords we seek to rank the highest are usually the ones that generate most traffic to your site or keywords that have the highest potential to generate sales. When we have agreed on the goals for the project, we conduct a thorough analysis of the client's website.

SEO Analysis

1. Website history
2. Backlink Quality Analysis
3. Identify relevant keywords
4. Content

44 points SEO Audit

We go through a checklist of 44 elements we consider in checking the clients website

Link building

Linkbuilding is the process of increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage, to increase the rankings of that page or website.

Articles & Content

Content strategy is the plan for the creation, publishing of useful, usable content in a blog or news section of a website.

Social media

We implement a fundamental social content strategy to increase visibility and improve rankings


It's the beginning of the month and it's again time to report to your clients or your boss on the SEO progress made last month.

Easily Understandable & Customizable.

SEO as your marketing strategy

If you do not want to be left behind at the station when your competitors "board the train" and get more customers, it's high time to invest in visibility and online presence through results-oriented search engine optimization and mobile marketing.

Clear business goals
Measurable progress
Strategic work efforts
Dependable results

Basic website analysis

We review the structure of the website and identify potential problems. A plan of action is created and we manage the workflow from that plan.

Identify interesting keywords

Then we make an analysis of the competitive keywords and then together we decide which of them we should continue working with.

Analysis of website content

When we find the keywords we should focus on, we also review texts on your website and whether there is a need for a complete content strategy.

Link quality analysis

We analyze the current situation, identify opportunities and challenges, designing a strategy to create relevant and spam free links or backlinks to your site.

Ranking of keywords

After we thoroughly analyzed your site and perform the actions we have come to in order to create a stable and sustainable platform, we begin the next stage which is ranking of the most valuable keywords


In this phase, we will send out a sitemap or a map of your site to the major search engines, we are writing articles and press releases in order to build links and drive traffic to your website

Social media

Your page is visible on social media and we bookmark the content of your pages on all the major bookmarking sites. This step is extensive and we will only mention a fraction of the things that are carried out during the operation.

Personalized project

During the entire project, you will have contact with your own project managers who are involved from beginning to end.


Throughout the project, you get reports on what is being done and how your keywords are placed in the search engines. You can also download your own reports in pdf format

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about "convincing" the search engines that your particular website is the most relevant one based on the searched term by the visitor. The most successful website to convince the search engines will end up first in the SERP:s also known as search engine result page, and thereby gaining more visitors to their site, which will hopefully be converted into buying customers.

Did you know that of all searches made on Google, 90% of those clicks will be made on the first result page, that is, the first 10 results! And the majority of those 90% goes to the first three to five results. These statistics could be seen as a bit scary to you as only a few people will go further to page two and beyond. In other words, to be visible on Google's first page is a must. The higher up on the first page, the better.

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What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Of the 19 keywords we worked together with the Page1 Clients managed to get up 14 on the first page, including 9 of the top third During the four months we have worked with Page1 Clients have our organic traffic increased by 400%. Highly recommended!"

Via Timi Lindemann Vic.se
Customer Testimonails

Top top quality work. Really happy with results.
A+ An asset to Upwork.com community

Via Edy, Nova8media Starsteel.com
Customer Testimonails

They are the Go-To-Guys! -If you are looking for a fast and reliable company to deliver Internet related services – look no further.

Katerina Stemberova, Marketing Manager VizadaNetworks.com

Why should you hire us to do the SEO part for you?


Are we pioneers in the SEO industry?

The founder of Page1 clients has worked with SEO since 2003 and could be seen as one of the pioneers in the industry. We have always had control of and followed all the search engines' guidelines. We always follow the quality standards established by the commerce ministry "Good Search".

"Our journey began in April, 2005. We worked with Jim Westergren, one of the winners in the worldwide SEO Competition in 2005 and one of the most respected SEO experts in our industry."

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