This is a case study of how I took a website in the IT space from just 1975 visitors a month to 242K+ in 6 months.

In addition to that, they have since averaged over 100K visitors a month, as seen on the screenshot above.

That's all organic traffic from Google.

No paid ads were used.

The length of the contract was 12 months.


If there was one thing this company did well, it was their amazing sales skills.

But the owner “struggled” because he wanted his salespeople and the company to get more customers.

Because of that, he felt that his product didn't have enough “leverage”.

What he really meant was, not enough “leads” and "clients".

They had a "big vision".

“This ugly website does 1 million dollars in sales per year?”

The first time I heard of this company was from a friend called Jonny, who worked for these guys.

He had recommended me for the job.

I had a bit of a shock when I saw their website.

shock ugly website

Jonny couldn’t stop my reaction. (This ugly website...)

The “Double Sale” Meeting

They wanted a new website and asked me if I can do SEO, as well?

I said sure, I can optimize the site for you.

But I explained to them that it will also need a long-term plan with a new website, link building and content marketing, etc.

They didn’t quite understand all the weird lingo I was using… but agreed to my proposal...

During the meeting, I showed them to how we would put in place our SEO Strategy.

And how this would turn his business into a lucrative brand. That gets more traffic, leads and sales bla bla...

(Me selling them by trying to paint a vision of how amazing it would be...)

I got along really well with these guys... But they were like, "yeah, right, we have heard those big income claims and promises before". (#bl-shit=)

The Project Kicked Off

I was thinking to myself… woohoo! What an awesome project I got!

The first thing I did was to log in to the Google Analytics account. I wanted to confirm the results they said they currently had.

I saw this result. 475 visitors per week and per month was 1975 visitors.

475 visitors per week

Not too bad. But not too good either, since most of the traffic was from themselves.

The new SEO optimized website

I spent a good part of 3 weeks working on the HTML, Tags, Landing Pages and Images optimization and SEO Analysis:

  • 1. Website history
  • 2. Backlink Quality Analysis
  • 3. Identify relevant keywords
  • 4. Content Marketing strategy
  • 5. 44 points SEO Audit
  • 6. Link building strategy
  • 7. Articles & Content
  • 8. Social media

My goal was to make it "mega" optimized for Google.

Then we spent another week indexing specific database fields and speed optimizing the website search speed and website speed. When we had hit 0.9 second average load time, we sat back to see what would happen.

Here’s what the improved website looked like:

Mediahuset Norge Website
Mediahuset Norge Website

Status update: 2 Months

The website had been mostly indexed by Google and the results were starting to show up. 3188 visitors per week/12000 visits per month after 2 months.

2.5 months later

Not bad at all...

But I knew we could do better...

Status update: 4 Months

We had taken out our “Secret Weapon”.

We call it the“Trifecta Link Building that ranks for the algorithm” ethically.

This tool in combination with other leading SEO software works really well for us. The software has been in use for almost 10 years. It gives us critical insights and simply because it works.

For obvious reasons, I can't into the details here but what I can say is that:

After 4,5 months of starting the project, we were looking at 120,000 visits per month.

I was like, did I really do that?

The owners were on fire!

The sales teams were even crazier. Can you optimize this keyword, that keyword for me?. (Sales guys are intense, they won't stop talking. :)

4.5 months later

Status update: 6 Months

The traffic peaked at 60,703 visitors per week. The final number was 242k visits per month.

Do you want to know what the Sales Manager said?

“I didn't expect us to get so much publicity and traffic. In fact, both me and my business partner were actually a little worried. But afterwards, when we saw how much positive feedback we received because of Google, we were very pleasantly surprised.” - Sales Manager
60 weeks later SEO

2 Years Later

Are you curious to see the results almost 2 years after we stopped working on the website?

A common concern and question we get is, will the results stay or will they disappear after the work is finished?

The results after 2 years after we stopped working on the site...

Here's what a a million visits per year to a website looks like:

1 million visits TO WEBSITE

Let me ask you something:

Can you imagine getting 1 million visitors per year to your website?

To be more specific, do you think it would result in new leads and clients?

I don't want to include the profit increase in this post to avoid any income claims but I would like to say that their business exploded after this Visibility Kickstart.

I had a meeting with the owners...

They said: "From our earlier 2000 visitors per month, I think this completely unimaginable and incredibly good!"